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Bill Hess
A younger checks out his own appearance in the window of Anchorage’s Egan Conve

Bill Hess
When the Alaskans came to Frobisher Bay, many of them found several familiar fa

Bill Hess
"This is my get-a-way world," says Michael Hootch of his art work . No matter wh

Bill Hess
...then in Frobisher Bay, she helps keep track of resolutions.

Bill Hess
A baby contest entrant at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics in Fairbanks.

Bill Hess
A group of "brothers" pose for a polaroid picture ordered from the commissary by

Bill Hess
A group of men pulling up a whale onto the sea ice.

Bill Hess
A group of mostly-young dancers whose homes lie in the country around Fort Yukon

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