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Bill Hess
AFN Chairman Charlie Johnson(center) visits with U.S. Congressman Don Young and

Unknown Photographer
BIA COMMISSIONER - - Morris Thompson, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, discusses

Unknown Photographer
From left to right; Sam Kito, an unidentified man, Mike Grovel, Irene Rowan ,Ted

Bill Hess
Group Portrait of Gilbert Lincoln, Al Adams, Maggie Ahmagak, Dan Fauske, Geroge

Jerry Peverall
Kotlik’s Evan Akaran poses with Senator Stevens on Capitol Hill Day during the N

Betsy Brenneman
Members of the Senate Indian Affairs Subcommitee and the Amerian Indian Policy r

Unknown Photographer
Native enrollment-Susan Ruddy(center) and Irene Rowan (right), of Kish Tu Incorp

Unknown Photographer
Portrait of Senator Mike Gravel, Sam Taalak, and Senator Ted Stevens.

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