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Jennifer Ortiz
A group of women singing during the Fur Rondezvous Native Musicale.

Jennifer Ortiz
A portrait of Claude Demientieff Director of Tanana Chief’s Health Authority.

Jennifer Ortiz
A portrait of Ernie Frankson eskimo dancing for the Barrow dancers.

Jennifer Ortiz
Arctic John Etalook, Edith Tegoseak and Baily Koenig invite children to join the

Jennifer Ortiz
Astronaut Don Lind + Mathew Nikolai from Calista During Yupik Night

Unknown Photographer
Award to Alascom
for education Telecom Services
Ida Olemaun (2nd for L

Jennifer Ortiz
Barrow Dancer discovers he’s lost the stick game to Emily Brown.  Leonard Wassil

Jennifer Ortiz
Cynthia Williams & Donna Lang from Sitka.

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