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Tundra Times Photograph Project

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Accession Number: TT.03313
Date of Photo: 1984
Caption: Eskimo Dance during the dedication ceremony for Cully School.

Description: Eskimo Dance during the dedication ceremony for Cully School.

Name: Clara Mishica
Role: Photographer

State: Alaska

Publication Information: Tundra Times Newpaper 3/7/84
CD Number: 456

Annotations: Week one winners in the Tundra Times Village Life
Photo contest are from Point Lay and Kotzebue. The
photos show two aspects of village life that combine
traditional skills with Western education.
      In the photo at right, Clara Mishica, yearbook ad-
visor to the Cully School in Point Lay, took a photo of
students, teachers and a few people from Point Lay
doing an Eskimo Dance during the dedication cere-
mony for Cully School. The dedication was held at the
end of January.
      The photo below was taken a little time back. Stu-
dents from Shhungnak High School work on building a
log cabin. James commack Jr. (waving hammer), Harry
Commack, Donald Lee, Calvin Jackson and Jeff Mel-
ton, work on the cabin as part of the Inupiaq Pilot
Progam that was coordinated bt Robert Mulluk Jr.
The photo was taken by Robert Mulluk Jr., of Kotze-
      Winners of the Village Life Photo contest receive a
preliminary prize of $10 per photo used and are elig-
ible to win a monthy judging. If you want to submit a
photo for the contest and for judging, send photo to
"Village Life Photo Contest," Tundra Times, P.O. Box
104480, Anchorage, AK.,99510
Keywords: Dancing

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