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Accession Number: TT.00018
Date of Photo: 1977/03
Caption: "Minto Chief and family during the Potlatch."  

Description: An Athabascan elder, identified as Mathew and Dorthy Titus.  They are wearing jewlery featuring traditional beadwork, and traditional clothing associated with chiefs.  

Name: Jennifer Ortiz
Role: Photographer

Name: Chief Peter John
Ethnicity: Athabascan
Role: Subject

State: Alaska
Region: Doyon
Community: Fairbanks

Events: Festival of Native Arts
Indigenous Group: Athabascan
Publication Information: 1977/03/09, page 11
CD Number: 002

Annotations: "Minto Chief and family during the Potlatch. (photo by Jennifer Ortiz)", "TT 3/9/77  picture page 11  photo 2 "Chief Peter John"  3 col x 4 in."
Keywords: Events:Celebrations:Potlatches
Festivals:Art Festivals
Portraits:Group portraits

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Tundra Times Photograph Project
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