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Accession Number: TT.01721
Date of Photo: 1985-1990
Caption: Joe Garoutte, Larry Wallace, and Alvin Werneke get a work out loading up confiscated brew in a recent raid.

Description: A portrait of York Wilson,Sr, Fletcher Gregg, and Jennifer Ipalook all sitting down.

Name: Len Anderson
Role: Photographer

Name: Joe Garoutte
Role: Subject

Name: Larry Wallace
Role: Subject

Name: Alvin Werneke
Role: Subject

State: Alaska
Region: Nana
Community: Kotzebue

Indigenous Group: Multiple
Publication Information: 1988/02
CD Number: 231

Annotations: Joe Garoutte, Larry Wallace, and Alvin Werneke get a work out loading up confiscated brew in a recent raid.
"289 cases of beer on the truck"
By Len Anderson
Managing Editor
In the most recent crackdown on alleged bootlegging in the city, Kotzebue police confiscated 289 cases of beer on Feb. 9.  According to Police Chief Ed Ward, the was reportedly owned by Charles Randall.
Randall was the former owner of the Kotzebue Liquor Store.
Ward said the police action was not based on alleged sale of any of the beer, but because it was on premises apparently not licensed for storage of alcoholic beverages.
The beer was found beneath a building on Shore Avenue near the location of the former liquor store.  Ward Said the police had received a tip about the beer’s existance.
As of Friday, Kotzebue police had not contacted Randall.  Randall’s whereabouts were described by Ward as unknown.
Nor had any charges officially been filed against Randall.  Assistant District Attorney James Ottinger was in Anchorage and would not examine the case until his return this week, according to a staff member at the Kotzebue DA office.
Varying on the dealer and bargaining ability of the buyer, the cost of a case of bootleg beer ranges between $40 and 50$ in Kotzebue.  At that rate, the value of the of the 289 cases would be approximately $13,000.
The Tuesday confiscation represents the sixth bootlegging case for the police department since the city’s ban on sale of alcoholic beverages took effect on Jan. 11.
On Feb.5, police charged Wallace Field with one count of selling alcoholic beverages to a minor, according to Police Captin Larry Wallace.
Along with the ban, the city has offered an award of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone selling alcoholic beverages illegally.  According to Ward the city has "some canidates" for an award, pending court results.
The telephone number to give information about bootlegging or illegal grug activity is 442-3999
Photo by Len Anderson The Arctice Sounder
pg. 11
Keywords: People:Men
Portraits:Group portraits

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