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Accession Number: TT.00367
Date of Photo: 1984/06/13
Caption: "Joe Hotch, Klukwan, testifies"

Description: Portrait of a man, identified as Joe Hotch of Klukwan, speaking into a microphone at a hearing of the Alaska Native Review Commission.

Name: Joe Hotch
Ethnicity: Tlingit
Role: Subject

State: Alaska
Region: Sealaska
Community: Klukwan

Organizations: Alaska Native Review Commission
Indigenous Group: Tlingit
Publication Information: 1984/06/13
CD Number: 049

Annotations: T.T. 6-13-84  Explanation of photo montage, left to right: Lillian Neilson sings a welcome to Berger in Sitka; William Nelson, Angoon, head of the Dog Salmon clan, member of a delegation which visited President Jimmie Carter (top); George Jim, Angoon elder, speaks at hearings; Mark Jacobs Jr. testifies in Sitka; Tlingit dancer now living in Seattle; Angoon school kids put school official on the spot during local "Gong Show;"  Gabe George, Angoon, readies his fishing boat (top); Joe Hotch, Klukwan, testifies; Angoon girls race in "fun run."   Southeast ANRC June 1984  T.T. 6-13-84
Keywords: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Indigenous Groups:Tlingit

1-People: Indigenous group based on subject’s hometown.

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Tundra Times Photograph Project
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