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Title Photographer Date of Photo
NEW RECORD -- Buck Dick, of Canada, sets new record of 100 feet for 605 pounds i Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
George Williams holding onto ivory, one of the best Carvers of Nunivak Island. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
Portrait of Paul White wearing glasses. Unknown Photographer 1984/07
Emma Wittmark sitting behind a desk holding onto a piece of paper. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Maria Williams with her viola.  Williams will be giving a recital featuring her Hess, Bill 1980-1995
E.O. "eph" Wheeler stepping off a plane. Unknown Photographer 1962-1985
George Walters signs Solomon agreement as Gerry Gilliland of the Department of I Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
Bill Williams looking out wearing glasses. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Portrait of Marley Wallace of Ketchikan. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
No Empty Seats. Unknown Photographer 1970-1980
A demonstration of the 4-man carry. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
Rep. Ed Willis, D-Eagle River, and Dick Whittaker, board member for RurAL CAP li Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
I.S. "Lefty" Weissbrodt with Ceremonial Helmet presented to him at celebration ’ Unknown Photographer 1982
Mrs. Julia Williamson/New Years baby- Victor Clair Born: 7:30 a.m. Unknown Photographer 1981
Lydia Wilson looking up wearing glasses. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Portrait of two women with children, one breastfeeding her child, and the other Unknown Photographer 1995
Frank H. Williams, Service Unit Director, Kotzebue Service Unit Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
An unidentified lady leaning down writing on a piece of paper. Unknown Photographer 1970-1995
Trudy Ward of Bristol Bay looking out. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
John Wayne looking out smoking a cigerette. Stapleton/Klamser & Associates 1970-1985
Mrs. Bessie Williams & her 2 week-old baby teddy at the potlatch. Ortiz, Jennifer 1965-1985
Jane Wallen, and unidentified man standing outside. Unknown Photographer 1962-1980
A Faithful Servant identified as Pearl Warren  wearing a coat. Unknown Photographer 1962-1975
Dr. Martha Wilson Service Unit Director Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage. PHS Alaska Native Health Service 1962-1975
Lorraine Williams teaching a class of young children. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985

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