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Title Photographer Date of Photo
[Portrait of a woman speaking into a microphone at a meeting of the Alaska Nativ Unknown Photographer 1984/02
Nicholas Andy Brown delivers a speech in his Native Language. Unknown Photographer 1984/10
Buster Gene played the drum and led the singing for a short round of dancing whi Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
[Group portrait of elders in the audience at a meeting of the Alaska Native Revi Unknown Photographer 1984/10/
"The Gakona group gets its official picture taken by Linda Weld." Unknown Photographer 1984/10
Ena Nicolai of Tazlina Unknown Photographer 1984/10
Mary Miller of Nome participates in a roundtable discussion held in Anchorage la Hess, Bill 1984/12
Valerie Kameroff. Hess, Bill 1984/11
Wes Goodwin Hess, Bill 1984/11
A tired Berger catchs a moments rest before a round of hearings. Hess, Bill 1984/08
Moore testifies before the ANRC. Unknown Photographer 1984/02/29
Sean Wasca, Adrian Agustine and Alfred Moses show no concern as Thomas Berger a Unknown Photographer 1984/02
Joe Hotch, Klukwan, testifies Kokes, Peter 1984/06/13
When Judge Thomas Berger of the Alaska Native Review Commission traveled about t Hess, Bill 1984/06
Vernita Zyles of Unalakleet tells her feelings of life after ANCSA.  Also pictu Unknown Photographer 1984/03
"Charlie Johnson (right), chairman of the Alaska Federation of Natives, and John Unknown Photographer 1984/03
Douglas Jones, chief economist in the Federal Field Committee staff when it did Unknown Photographer 1984/05
Tim Coulter: if you want to be sovereign, act sovereign. Unknown Photographer 1984/03
Russell Jim: his people won back a sacred mountain. Unknown Photographer 1984/03
Lucille Brenwick looks at photos of two of her granddaughters living in Californ Unknown Photographer 1984/05
Walya Hobson testifying at ANRC hearings . Unknown Photographer 1984/05
Daniell Boston sits on her father Don’s lap as judge Berger conducts hearings i Unknown Photographer 1983/02
Evelyn Pete watches as her eldest son Louis, who missed benefits under ANCSA be Unknown Photographer 1984/04
Winnie Billy recalls the worry for her childrens’ future which prevented her fr Unknown Photographer 1983/02
Mike Smith pauses after killing a grizzly bear (see last week’s Tundra Times fo Hess, Bill 1984/08

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