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Title Photographer Date of Photo
...then in Frobisher Bay, she helps keep track of resolutions. Hess, Bill 1983
A baby contest entrant at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics in Fairbanks. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A group of "brothers" pose for a polaroid picture ordered from the commissary by Hess, Bill 1983
A group of men pulling up a whale onto the sea ice. Hess, Bill 1987
A group of mostly-young dancers whose homes lie in the country around Fort Yukon Hess, Bill 1984/12
A highlight of the potlatch was a game between the Cook Inlet Native Association Hess, Bill 1983
A lot is being said these days about listening to the elders and about Native un Hess, Bill 1984
A member of the nationally-famed Wainwright dancers exchange a quick smile with Hess, Bill 1984
A Northway dancer performing a traditional Athabascan dance. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A portait of a group of men buchering a whale. Hess, Bill 1987
A portrait of a Northway dancer wearing her traditional clothing. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A portrait of a unidentified young lady seriously reading a paper. Hess, Bill 1983/06
A portrait of an unidentified lady using footwear.  at the Old Times Athabascan Hess, Bill 1984/12
A portrait of Brian Randazzo going for the gold in the high kick game. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A portrait of Rhonda Carter of Nenana wearing Athabascan clothing. Hess, Bill 1980-1990
A soldier from squadron Two protect a departing helicopter from enemy attack. Hess, Bill 1983/05
A student at Mt. Edgecumbe High School shovels snow off a fishing boat before he Hess, Bill 1983/04
A tired Berger catchs a moments rest before a round of hearings. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A young boy who sought to join in pursuit of the grizzly yields revolver to Al Hess, Bill 1984/07
Adrian Ryan sutures up a head wound of a man injured when he was hit by a truck. Hess, Bill 1983
AFN Chairman Charlie Johnson(center) visits with U.S. Congressman Don Young and Hess, Bill 1984/11
AFN Charlie Johnson who served as master of ceremonies for the Tundra Times Banq Hess, Bill 1983/10/26
Aiaka Miteq of Greenland ends a song which tells a tragic story of old. Hess, Bill 1980
Al Grant-quick with a smile. Hess, Bill 1984
Alaska participants sing during an international, non-deminational church servic Hess, Bill 1983

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