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Title Photographer Date of Photo
New Anchorage Head Start Coordinator. Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
"Cookery kids" It is believed that the only boys cookery class in Alaska is at B Kay 1966-1980
(WX5) Washington, Nov. 2--Congregate at Bureau--Indians move into the Bureau of Unknown Photographer 1979/12
10 years BIA service Unknown Photographer 1963-1967
1978-1979 Mt. Edgecumbe Bravettes.  Shirley Philemonof (St. George), Mgr.; Marth Dushkin, David 1979/01
1984 Della Keats Students: Front Row: Edna Nashoolpuk, Point Hope; JoAnn Okpealu Unknown Photographer 1984
50 YEARS OF TEACHING - Many years in Mt. Edgecumbe and many years in the Bush.   Unknown Photographer 1962-1975
A famous Howard Rock photograph.  Howard is dressed in a traditional caribou ski Unknown Photographer 1934
A group if unidentified village aides. PHS Alaska Native Health Service 1970-1985
A group of three youth reading the Tundra Times Newspaper.] Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
A portrait of a unidentified lady holding onto a book. Murphy, Frank 1970-1985
A portrait of Howard Rock sitting behind a desk looking out. Unknown Photographer 1960-1970
A Statue of Albert Einstein supports Lower Yukon and St. Mary’s students during Peverall, Jerry 1990-1995
A student peers inquisitively at the work of Native craftspeople. Koweluk, Bob 1980-1990
ABE-GED Workshop held in Nulato for the Trainee-instuctors. In the photo are: Bo Unknown Photographer 1980/3/19
Alakanuk’s Glora Sergie gets vital information concerning opportunities in the M Peverall, Jerry 1993
Alakanuk’s Marlene Sheldon, St. Mary’s Flora Paukan, and Russian Mission’s Chari Peverall, Jerry 1990-1997
Alakanuk’s Shirley Augline receives instruction on completing necesssary financi Peverall, Jerry 1993
Alakanuk’s Tim Sergie and Emmonak teacher Arlanda Crail lead a discussion during Peverall, Jerry 1986/09
Alaska Pacific University’s Mr. Vernon L. Chimeglarea discusses academic alterna Peverall, Jerry 1993
Alternate Health Aides Daisy Panik, Wainwright, and Martina Morry, Anaktuvuk Pas Unknown Photographer 1978/03
An unidentified lady making a basket wusing her teeth. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
Anchorage Head Start Coordinator. Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
Anchorage Native high school graduates were awarded $1,000 college scholarships Unknown Photographer 1984/5/30
Angela Newman (center) ties Harriet Newman’s hair in preparation of Dimond High’ Kakaruk, Steve 1980-1990

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