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Title Photographer Date of Photo
"Queen" Unknown Photographer 1978
A photo of Hannah Solomon posing with a beaded baby carrier. Unknown Photographer 1986
Lobbyist Sam Kito and the 6th Alaska Native Leadership Project group examine po Kakaruk, Steve 1980-1990
Portrait of an unidentified man and woman dancing. Unknown Photographer 1965-1975
Sam Kito helping with appeal. Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
Sam Kito making a speech Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
"Candidate on the go..." Unknown Photographer 1970-1980
"George Attla" Unknown Photographer 1979
"The Gakona group gets its official picture taken by Linda Weld." Unknown Photographer 1984/10
A baby contest entrant at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics in Fairbanks. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A group portrait of Athabascan dancers performing outside. Unknown Photographer 1975-1989
A group portrait of Jonathon David performing a dance. Unknown Photographer 1974/01
A lot is being said these days about listening to the elders and about Native un Hess, Bill 1984
A portrait of a Athabascan dancer carrying onto a designed stick. Metzger, John 1970-1989
A portrait of a Athabascan dancer identified as Evelyn Alexander. Unknown Photographer 1960-1975
A portrait of a Elizabeth Pete with Sophie Lincoln sitting next to her. Unknown Photographer 1984
A portrait of a Northway dancer wearing her traditional clothing. Hess, Bill 1984/08
A portrait of a Sam Kito with his hand next to his ear. Bedford, Jimmy 1977/11
A portrait of a Tlingit dancer wearing a fancy costume with a headdress and foot Robinson, James 1980-1989
A portrait of a unidentified man from the Minto dancers. Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
A portrait of Athabascan dancers performing in their traditional clothing. Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
A portrait of Athabascan ladies wearing ceremonial dresses. Unknown Photographer 1985/02
A portrait of Athabascan people wearing athabascan clothing. Unknown Photographer 1980-1993
A portrait of brothers identified as Austin Jr. and Earl Esmailka of Kaltag. Unknown Photographer 1978/05
A portrait of Carl Hunnigton who placed 1st in the dog race in Copper River. Demientieff, Mitch 1979/03

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