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Title Photographer Date of Photo
Innuit Circumpolar Conference Organized. Carlo, Lucy A.K. 1977
During the final night, Sambo jions others gathered at Frobisher Bay in  applaud Hess, Bill 1983
A Greenland Inuit performs a Drum Dance in the Sports Hall, where cultural event Roderick, Sarah 1980
Dalee Sambo keeps things organized on the plane... Hess, Bill 1983
...then in Frobisher Bay, she helps keep track of resolutions. Hess, Bill 1983
Members of the Alaska delagation congratulate Hans-Pavia Rosing of Greenland aft Hess, Bill 1983
Wilie Hensley, (lower right in center) chats with fellow delegates Charlie Johns Hess, Bill 1983
The Elders attending scored a major accomplishment in Frobisher Bay by forming t Hess, Bill 1983
When the Alaskans came to Frobisher Bay, many of them found several familiar fa Hess, Bill 1983
Even though the Soviet Inuit were not allowed to attend, their flag was flown al Hess, Bill 1983
Martin Woods of NANA competes in the ICC Olympic games, as he successfully compl Hess, Bill 1983
Alaska participants sing during an international, non-deminational church servic Hess, Bill 1983
Mary Simon. Benedetto, Jim 1986
Dalee Sambo, (left) Inuit of Alaska, and Henriette Rasmussen, Inuit of Greenland Unknown Photographer 1983
Members of Canada’s Inuit Broadcasting Corporation interview and tape a country Unknown Photographer 1983
Judge Thomas R. Berger, who is heading up the Alaska Native Review Commission, a Unknown Photographer 1983
IBC staff laugh as they run the tape of an interview in high speed. Unknown Photographer 1983
Heading "home" in Frobisher Bay. Hess, Bill 1983
The Chevak youth dancers. John Pingayak, a social studies, English and reading t Hess, Bill 1983
The Savoonga Comedy Players have their serious side too. Here, they raise their Hess, Bill 1983
President Hans-Pavia Rosing presented a special soapstone carving to Krsty Patte Hess, Bill 1983
Charlotte Brower of Barrow speaks in a special gathering of women. Hess, Bill 1983
Sandy Arnaqua of Frobisher Bay displays a young bird which he found amidst a cro Hess, Bill 1983
Mannassi Mathiessen of Greenland in his seal skin kayak. Hess, Bill 1983
Hans Pavia-Rosing (left) newly-elected president of the ICC, and Jonathen Metafe Roderick, Sarah 1980

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