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Title Photographer Date of Photo
"Charlie Johnson (right), chairman of the Alaska Federation of Natives, and John Unknown Photographer 1984/03
"Christmas at the mansion high school students doing a one hour-long TV.  Specia Unknown Photographer 1980
"Egan Traveled to Washington D.C. frequently to deal personally with the flight Unknown Photographer 1970
"Hugo drives his ATV to an area where caribou migrate past town during the fall. Unknown Photographer 1984/09
"Janie Leask, President of the Alaska Federation of Natives, presents testimony Kakaruk, Steve 1980-1995
"The Gakona group gets its official picture taken by Linda Weld." Unknown Photographer 1984/10
"William Johnson of Portland, Oregan-formaly of Nome-testifies in favor of a 13t Unknown Photographer 1960-1985
A group of people at a table listening to somone talk whose off camera. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
A tired Berger catchs a moments rest before a round of hearings. Hess, Bill 1984/08
AFN executive director Harry Carter identifying some of the tasks and decisions Bedford, Jimmy 1971-1976
Arctic Slope Spokesman Unknown Photographer 1965-1985
Austin Hammond Unknown Photographer 1984/10
Bella Hammond wife of Governor Jay Hammond. Unknown Photographer 1975-1982
Biederman files for State House. Unknown Photographer 1976/6
Bob Richards Republican Gubrtnatorial Candidate Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
Boucher Family --- H.A. (Red) Bouchers campaign to win the Democratic primary no Unknown Photographer 1965-1975
Bruce Babbitt holding up his hand with a bill in it smiling at the camera. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Bruce Babbitt listens to Togiak leaders at Togiak. Richardson, Jeff 1993/8
Bruce Babbitt shaking hands with an unidentified man and other unidentified peop Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Bruce Babbitt talking to the press. Richardson, Jeff 1993/8
Buster Gene played the drum and led the singing for a short round of dancing whi Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Canadian Judge Thomas Berger and Willie Hensley talk after Berger spoke at the Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
Charles Edwardsen, Jr., (Etuk) takes the floor at the IRA convention. Unknown Photographer 1983/03
Charlie Joseph, Jay Hammond, Eddie Jack, and Walter Sobeleff. Unknown Photographer 1975-1982
Cheryl Butler giving a testimony at Lillian Pitka’s camp, while George the dog f Unknown Photographer 1984/08

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