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Title Photographer Date of Photo
[Portrait of two Tlingit women at the Sitka Native Arts Festival.] Unknown Photographer 1983/04/20
[Masked dancers.] Unknown Photographer 1983/04
[Dancers in buton robes.  Mother and child?] Unknown Photographer 1983/04
[Young girl from Angoon at Sitka Native Arts Festival.] Unknown Photographer 1983/04
[Children dancing at the Sitka Native Arts Festival.] Unknown Photographer 1983/04
AFN Board of Directors meetings 2/16/83 Laab, Ludwig 1983/02/16
Sen. Mitch Abood Unknown Photographer 1985/08
Joe Hotch, Klukwan, testifies Kokes, Peter 1984/06/13
When Judge Thomas Berger of the Alaska Native Review Commission traveled about t Hess, Bill 1984/06
Mark Jacobs, Jr., testifies in Sitka Unknown Photographer 1984/06
George Jim, Angoon elder, speaks at hearings. Unknown Photographer 1984/06
As the DCH6-300 Twin Otter (top) leaves Wrangell, Alaska, it marked the final sc Unknown Photographer 1976/06
ANB executive committee at the 1979 Grand Camp Convention in Juneau. Unknown Photographer 1979
Ellen Hope Hays at the Alaska Native Sisterhood Conference. Unknown Photographer 1985/09
Rosita Worl, Keynote speaker at the Alaska Native Sisterhood Conference in Sitka Unknown Photographer 1985/09
[Portrait of Alaska State Representative Carl Moses of Unalaska.] Unknown Photographer 1965-1975
[Group portrait of three women, identifed as the Johnson sisters of Angoon.] Unknown Photographer 1980/10
[Aerial photo of the lanscape near Angoon.] Unknown Photographer 1977/12
[Aerial photo of the village of Angoon.] Unknown Photographer 1977/12
[The Fire Chief of Angoon stands in front of a burning house.] Unknown Photographer 1975-1995
Angoon cheerings section at Basketball game Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
Angoon is a community of about 560 people.  Whey they celebrated with a "fun run Hess, Bill 1984/06
Gabe George, Angoon, readies his fishing boat Unknown Photographer 1984/06
Angoon girls race "fun run" Unknown Photographer 1984/06
Angoon school kids put school offcial on the spot during local "Gong Show;" Unknown Photographer 1984/06

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