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Title Photographer Date of Photo
Gregory and Anna Joe’s 50th wedding anniversary. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Nicholas Jackson from Gakona and Sidney Huntington from Galena listen to testimo Chris 1975-1985
Lance Kramer of Kotzebue takes a flying leap during long jump competition at the Unknown Photographer 1984/09
Wilson Justin, President of Ahtna, Incorporated. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Reagan budget cuts that may force cancellation of ’non-education’ Johnson O’Mall Gilbert, Lois 1975-1990
Angie Stevens entertaining Joshua Titus with puppets during BAABES Presentation Chris 1990/03
J.F.K. Elementary, dated March 29, 1990, during BAABES Program of Chris 1990/03
Panel discusses minority sentencing-Participants in the minority sentencing pane Unknown Photographer 1979/06
Angie Stevens entertaining Angela Foss, Lexi Whaley, Smantha Grubbs, Keeta McKin Chris 1990/03
A portrait of Wilson Justin, Operation’s Manager of Ahtna, Incorporated. Unknown Photographer 1986
A portrait of Toni Kahklen-Jones. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Atlantic Richfield Company, Jesse Owens Games at Fairbanks, Alaska Unknown Photographer 1990/07/14
Crystal Banning, age 11 of Nome, Alaska proudly showing the gold m Unknown Photographer 1990/07/14
John Agiak, age 12 of Barter Island showing his form on the long jump, during th Unknown Photographer 1990/07/14
Inupiat, Flossie Ningeok, age 12 of Wainwight, Alaska showing her silver medal s Unknown Photographer 1990/07/14
An Inupiat, Reggie Joule putting on his mukluks. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
A portrait of Wilson Justin in a suit and necktie. Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
A photo of Johnson O’Malley Representatives discussing issues during a meeting Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
A portrait of Nancy James, an Athabascan from the village of Fort Yukon, Alaska. Unknown Photographer 1960-1975
Henry Johnson of Unalakleet, Alaska learns a few tricks of the trade from the me Unknown Photographer 1976/06
A portrait of Dick Jones. Unknown Photographer 1960-1980
Bernice John, age 16 of Aniak, Alaska, tries her teaching skills w Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
A portrait of Robert C. James, head of the University of Oregon’s Department of Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
A portrait of William Jacobs relaxing and enjoying his pipe. Unknown Photographer 1965-1980
A group portrait of Mrs. Johnson’s 2nd Grade Class. Unknown Photographer 1972/04/12

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