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Title Photographer Date of Photo
Mary Jane Nielson of South Naknek cutting with a Alutiiq/Sugpiaq knife called an Bauman, Margaret 1972
Daisy Mae Sanent and Stewart Nicolai standing next to each other. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Stewart Nicolai an Athabascan sitting down. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Charles Nelson sitting down. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Two unidentified nurses talking to each other. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Unidentified people drumming.  People in background with hands in air. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Elizebeth Hakkinen in front of Tlingit clothing display. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Unidentified men walking in uniforms in front is Brian Frost. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
A group of troops watching an aircraft taking off. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Unidentified people presenting a resolution at a Youth Leadership. Unknown Photographer 1980-1985
A photo of Nuiqsut, Alaska.  People walking out of a house. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Unidentified Alaska scouts of the National Guard. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
John Nicori sitting outside. Unknown Photographer 1962-1970
Ruth and Edward Nukapigak of Nuiqsut, Alaska selling candy. Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
Don Nelson thinking sitting down. Unknown Photographer 1980-1985
A portrait of Margarette Nelson smiling. Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
Robert Newlin standing.  Other unidentified people in the background. Unknown Photographer 1975-1985
A portrait of George Nelson. Prosser, Pat 1980-1995
Sandy Nelson left and Robin Sheppard a volunteer presenting the drive drunk prog Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
National Native News left Diane Kaplin, Michelle Lopez, and Gary Fife. Stapleton, Rob 1975-1985
On the shore of Iliamna Lake near Nondalton, National Park Service ranger Andrew Oridge, Ed 1975-1985
Unidentified Indian tribe drumming and singing. Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
Northern Air Cargo’s new Swingtail DC-6 is one of only two such in the world.  W Crandall, Alissa 1980-1990
Philes Nash and Susan Shawn Hayo sitting down. Unknown Photographer 1980-1990
Matthew and Margaret Nicolai are proud paerents of a new baby boy, David Clarenc Unknown Photographer 1984/04

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