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Title Photographer Date of Photo
Valcano Surveilance aircraft at FAA Hanger. Chris 1990/01/05
Freight loaded at Northern air Cargo. Chris 1980- 1990
A painting of a Russian aviator being welcomed by alaskan natives. Unknown Photographer 1980- 1990
Mrs. Ruth Kulis places roses on a f-80 shooting star Unknown Photographer 1980- 1990
Research team member doing printout work up from lidar. Chris 1990/01
Photo of a ARCO helicopter on land. Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Two unidentified males holding onto end of dog team mail between Gambell and Sav Unknown Photographer 1962-1985
Directional monitors on board aircraft. Chris 1990/01
Alfred Andre Operation Dispatcher for Northern Air Cargo.  Giving final word on Chris 1980-1995
A photo of a Volcano Silverlance Aircraft. Chris 1990/01
Lidar-Laser radar onboard aircraft. Chris 1990/01
An unidentified male sitting on a large elephant standing next to a Mark Air pla Unknown Photographer 1950-1970
Four planes flying and dropping parachutes out in the open. Unknown Photographer 1960-1980
Unidentified men gathered standing next to a plane. Wilkin, Ed 1970-1975

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