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Title Photographer Date of Photo
ALFRED STEPETIN-- shows some Aleut boats and hunting materials to people attendi Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
Aleut night. playing an old game called Kaadakax   Unknown Photographer 1974-1994
[Two men sit on a stage floor.  Playing a game?] Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
[A seated panel on stage at the Festival of Native Arts.] Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
Sharon Kay, Aleut native, demonstrates grass basket weaving. Unknown Photographer 1980-1997
"Outgoing Aleut Corporation Chairman Larry Merculieff, left, congratulates newly Unknown Photographer 1980-1995
Aleutian Planners Meet Unknown Photographer 1965-1980
Aleutian Planning commission-clockwise from top to left: Pasty Hesler, Secretary Unknown Photographer 1965-1980
[Group portrait of officers of the Aleut League.] Unknown Photographer 1960-1980
[Portrait of Ralph Eluska, Deputy Director of the Aleutian-Pribilof Islands Asso Unknown Photographer 1970-1990
[Portrait of two men sitting in the back of a car.] Unknown Photographer 1970-1990
[Two men talk with a taxi driver in the Aleutian-Pribilof islands.] Unknown Photographer 1970-1990
[Photo of a wedding at an Orthodox church in the Aleutian-Pribilof Islands.] Unknown Photographer 1970-1990
[Portrait of a man standing behind an icon of the Orthodox church.] Unknown Photographer 1970-1995
[Group portrait of participants in a wedding ceremony, a young flower girl and a Unknown Photographer 1970-1995
[Group portrait of four people standing outside a church in the Aleutian-Pribilo Unknown Photographer 1970-1990
[Photo of Father Ishmael Gromoff and two others in a van or bus in Unalaska.] Unknown Photographer 1983/03
[Portrait of Gabriel Stepetin.] Unknown Photographer 1981
[Portrait of a man in a belltower.] Unknown Photographer 1970-1990
[Portrait of Alaska State Representative Carl Moses of Unalaska.] Unknown Photographer 1965-1975
The AFN Human Resources Board conducted a regular meeting at AFN on April 2 and Schetzle, Harold 1979/04/02
U.S. Secretary of the Interior James Watt visits with Byron Mallot, Chairman of Unknown Photographer 1983/08
[Photo of a meeting on the subject of World War II internment.] Unknown Photographer 1970-1995
John Fratis, above left. of St. Paul, and George Zacharof, right, of St. George, Richards, Tom 1980
Honda Three-wheelers provide transportation for the aleut drew during the Umnak Richards, Tom 1980

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